Amulet of HOPE


Handmade silver pendant.
Sunrise is engraved on the front, Ricardo Cavolo's initials on the back. Ends with a special happy tag.
May this pendant remind you that light can be summoned at any time, even when walking thru the darkest path.

- Silver Sterling
- Weight 0.056 ounces
- Overall diameter 20 mm
- Chain length is 23 inches
- Chain thickness 3 mm

Very limited quantities.
Each Amulet is individually handcrafted by Master jeweler Joel Muller in Montreal, Canada.

To forge pure Love into an object requires a great amount of care and concentration. Accordingly, it is safe to expect from 2 to 8 weeks to produce and ship this precious amulet.

Since I was a kid I was obsessed with amulets. In the fantasy books I read, heroes and heroines always carried an object with a special power. I loved the idea of having a pendant with (almost) magical properties to help you create good energy around yourself, I still believe in that.

A few years ago, while I was walking in a very dark tunnel (my darkest one), the image of a Sunrise materialized in my mind and it became my beacon of hope, the light I needed to find a way out. I wanted to create an object with that same hopeful energy so my family can use it as a reminder that light exists, and can be summoned even in the darkest path.

-Ricardo Cavolo
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