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BENEE, Fire on Marzz, 2019

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Continuing her tradition of artistic collaborations, BENEE chose Ricardo Cavolo to create the cover of her debut EP "Fire On Marzz". The EP included 3 Gold-Certified hit “Soaked,” “Evil Spider,” and “Want Me Back,” as well 3 new songs: “Glitter,” “Wishful Thinking,” and “Afterlife.”

“I considered what the EP was going to look like visually when I named it. I wanted to find an artist that could really pour all the colours that I feel from each song into a piece of art. Ricardo Cavolo is this crazzzy coool Spanish artist whose flames instantly stood out to me. We had a phone conversation where I said that I wanted Mars to be on fire in it, but I also wanted him to go wild on a bunch of weird doodles that might come to mind when listening to the songs on my EP and he nailedddd itttt.” - Benee