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2019, Lunwerg Editores, 320 pages

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This book is the story of Jamfry... I am Jamfry. Or I was. The truth is that I still carry Jamfry with me every day of my life.

With Jamfry I have faced self-esteem issues, eating disorders, being hypersensitive, childhood loneliness, compulsive lying, living in a thousand different homes, destructive monsters that almost left me lifeless along the way, total energy drain, depression, and a thousand winged demons coming out of a door in my head.

But with Jamfry I have also realised the dream of becoming an artist, I have lived adventures halfway around the world, I have learned to master fire and to talk to horses while living with gypsies, I have met a lion who later turned out to be my wife, I have travelled through the most fantastic and incredible universes you can imagine, I have met Conan the Barbarian and I have rediscovered art thanks to the spirit of Jean Dubuffet".